Members' Gallery Members' Gallery Pink Rose after Andy Warhol 183658700 Blue Rose after Andy Warhol 183658690 Green Rose after Andy Warhol 183658697 Copper & Lace XIII Janet Weaver 195536010 Two Mangos & One Pear Janet Weaver 196992977 Three Mangos Janet Weaver 196992918 Three Pears Janet Weaver 196992312 Sunflowers III Carol Mittwede 81015029 Sunflowers II Carol Mittwede 81015027 Sunflowers Carol Mittwede 81015022 Flowers Carol Mittwede 81015020 Blue Jeans Carol Mittwede 81015023 Meditation II Carol Mittwede 81015025 Away Carol Mittwede 81015021 Watching Carol Mittwede 81015028 Meditation Carol Mittwede 81015024 Leaving Carol Mittwede 81015026 THE PARTY BY "PAK" 31"X48" ACRYLIC 196793078 BRAIN LIFE BY "PAK"24"X48" ACRYLIC 196793077 UNDER WATER DYNASTY BY "PAK" 60"X60" ACRYLIC 196792596 PINK TWO BY "PAK"18"X24" ACRYLIC 196793074 TRYCYCLE BY "PAK" 24"X24" ACRYLIC 196792597 FLU BUG BY "PAK" 20"X30" ACRYLIC 197265382 THE HOOD BY"PAK" 46"X46" ACRYLIC 196792598 Lake Mead Shoreline Carol Holdengraber 89454251 Mt. Charleston Trail Carol Holdengraber 89454252 Skagway Railroad Carol Holdengraber 89454253 Crater Lake View Carol Holdengraber 89454254 Girl at Henry Coe Carol Holdengraber 89454258 Frog Lake Carol Holdengraber 89454256 Glacier Bay Inlet Carol Holdengraber 89454257 Welded Steel Encaustic - 12 Sep 1999 Carl Deaville This 7+ pound Steel Sculpture in Painted with Encaustic and Mounted on a Hardwood Base which is also painted with Encaustic....This is a Gorgeous peice that I love to handle every now and than.....It is built to last for thousands of years.....I enjoyed showing this one at the VAG meeting on 10/11/2010. 91323831 Japanese Garden Carol Holdengraber 89454259 Happy Chicken Ruth Lastuvka 95310540 First Artists Ruth Lastuvka 95310536 Kokopelli and Friends Ruth Lastuvka 95310537 Shamanic Ritual Ruth Lastuvka 95310539 Sun God Ruth Lastuvka 95310541 Aquarium Drina Fried Embellished Fabric Collage 27" X 33" 98629355 Bromelaid Drina Fried Embellished Fabric Collage 5" X 7" 98629356 Celebration Drina Fried Watermedia with Fabric Collage 16" X 12" 98629357 Flaming Dusk Drina Fried Embellished Fabric Collage 20" X 18" 98629358 Tuscany Via the Venetian Drina Fried Acrylic with Fabric Collage 30 X 22" 98629360 Excalabur Drina Fried Embellished Fabric Collage 12" X 16" 98629359 Twin Towers Drina Fried Embellished Fabric Collage 33" X 27" 98629361 White House in Tustin California Drina Fried- Embellished Fabric Collage 12" X 16" 98629362 First Snow 102866892 Fall in the Forest 102866894 The First Christmas - Dec 2010 Carl Deaville This is an Acrylic Painting on 20" X 16" X 1.5" Stretched and Mounted Canvas. I Finished Painting It just in time to Donate a Couple of Prints to the Church next door for Christmas 2010. Donated the Original to the Church for Christmas 2012. 111641154 Moonlit Desert 180553757 Fruit 180553758 Lucky in Paris Modeling clay, 3D, 23 x 35 inch , 2014 199112447 Dreamin' 180553759 Fox Haven Denise Fisher 181337634 Squire in Training Denise Fisher 181337632 Emerging Spring Denise Fisher 181337633 Squire in Training Denise Fisher 181337630 Prado Denise Fisher 181337629 Chow Park Denise Fisher 181337631 Lucky in Venice Modeling clay, 3D, 23 x 35 inch, 2014 199112448 Taj Mahal Modeling clay, 3D , 30 x 40 inch , 2014 199112449 Venice Passion Modeling clay, 3D, 23 x 35 inch , 2014 199112450 Century Explosion (detail) Modeling clay, 3D, 24 x 49 inch, 2015 199112452 Century Explosion Modeling clay, 3D, 24 x 49 inch , 2015 199112451 TMT Mural, acrilic, 2015 199112458 Century Explosion (detail) Modeling clay, 3D, 24 x 49 inch, 2015 199112453 Century Explosion (detail) Modeling clay, 3D, 24 x 49 inch, 2015 199112455 Magnolia Watercolor 133363094 Summer Memories Ruth Lastuvka 114422960 Autumn Ruth Lastuvka 114422961 Pictures From The Past Ruth Lastuvka 114444818 Hanging Herb Planter Ruth Lastuvka 114444823 Ruth Lastuvka Freeform Bowl 114968676 Frisky Kitten One of my favorite subjects in acrylic. 8 x 8 133363091 Good Morning Sunshine I hand cut this gourd and painted it with acrylics. 133363092 Remembering Mom 5 x 7 Consignment piece for my sister-in-law. Photo is altered distressed and inked for the altering process. Canvas was colored with various acrylics and gesso, then I added other elements to complete the collage. 133363093 Potter's Shrine Acrylic painting with rusted attachments- Altered canvas painting 16 x 20 133364015 Scott VanderMolen 125969642 Scott VanderMolen Graphite drawing of a Bald Eagle. 125969297 Scott VanderMolen 125969636 Scott VanderMolen 125969638 Scott VanderMolen 125969639 Scott VanderMolen 125969640 Scott VanderMolen 125969641 Scott VanderMolen A commissioned Pet portrait in graphite. 125969298 Scott VanderMolen A commissioned endangered species portrait in graphite. 125969299 Scott VanderMolen I did this for my Sister's birthday gift. It's a pastel. 125969300 Tears Maria VanderMolen 2009 147118050 Darling Ruth - Prayers Maria VanderMolen Angel Series 2011 Original or Prints available, 147117945 Roslyn Maria VanderMolen Angel Series 2011 Original or Prints available, 147117946 Angel in Blew Maria VanderMolen Angel Series 2011 Original Sold, Prints available, 147117947 Florida Sunshine Angel - aka Gladys Maria VanderMolen Angel Series 2011 Original or Prints available, 147117948 Into the Light Maria VanderMolen Angel Series 2011 Original or Prints available, 147118049 Amethyst Sunset Maria VanderMolen 2008 147118051 Madonna Maria VanderMolen 2009 147118055 Ancient Dreams Maria VanderMolen 2011 147118052 Cactus in Dusk Maria VanderMolen 2010 147118053 Moonbeams Maria VanderMolen 147118056 Stickmen on Color Carl Deaville One of many Stickmen Drawings or Paintings that I have done over the last 40 or so years. This one started out as a Colored Pencil study. When I was through with it I had an urge to put a couple of Stickmen Characters on to it. I ended up puting more than a couple. I Like it. by 170350791 Arcylic Stickmen Carl Deaville The The Original Acrylic painting is on a Stretched and mounted 20" X 16" X 1.5" Canvas. I love the detail and color of this piece. I did this painting for the "BITE at the MUSEUM" event held for the CCC's 20th Anniversary Benefit Gala back on 9/18/2010. by 170350796 Historical Display Cadillac Crest Emblems Carl Deaville With my name being Carl "Coupe DeVille" Deaville and having been a salesman, assistant Sales Manager, and Sales Manager at Cadillic Dealerships in California back in the 90's and early 2000's I have a likeness for the Cadillac. I recieved this Display of Crest's as a reward for one thing or other that I did. This photographic image has been a big seller for me over the last 4 or 5 years on Ebay and FAA. As of 7/9/2014 it has 643 views on FAA and I posted it on 8/21/2011 by 170350795 Dogwood Cat Acrylics 8 x 24 173412173 Raven Tree Acrylics 24 x 30 173412172 Wings of Joy Acrylics 16 x 20 173412463 It's Never Too Late to Write 183658698 Good Fishing 183658691 Green Apples 183658692 Cactus Flower 183658696 Las Vegas Girl 183658693 Magnolias 183658694 BFF 183658695 Mesa Verde II 183658699 Stone Cold Sober 183658701 First light 185313532 "The boys" 185313690 Rising tide 185313604 Curious 185313830 Ollie 185314447 Clearing storm 185394996 Still Life Sohyun Lee 185509555 Sohyun Lee 185509556 Sohyun Lee 185509557 Fall 188618606 Enchanted Forest Lily Nava 195089073 Touch Lily Nava 195089076 Gaia Gaia by Lily Nava 195089077 Wonderland Lily Nava 195089074 Earth Song Lily Nava 195089075 Siberian Tiger 186019820 Hummingbird Paradise Denise Fisher 189443885 Sister Act Denise Fisher 189443892 Zen Rabbit Denise Fisher 181337635 Fox II Denise Fisher 189443890 Rabbit Park Denise Fisher 189443891 Monkey Business Denise Fisher 189443886 Social Network Denise Fisher 189443887 Goat Sense Denise Fisher 189443893 Moon Owls Denise Fisher 189443888 Morning Glory Denise Fisher 189443889 Desert Cones 193713704 A Rose is a Rose Carl Deaville This is a wonderful photo of a single red rose. I took this photo back in California in the 2008 time frame. by 193973309 Tail to Tail at 300 MPH Carl Deaville I took this Photo at the Aviation Nation Air Show at the Nellis AFB on November 11, 2012. This was one of many nice shots. by 193973310 Level world, hilly sea, a hundred stars and his ship. John Irving Handmade Collage 12/2014 196711661 Matanuska 11/1964 John Irving 199154693 End of November 11/1964 John Irving 199162266 Indochine Study No. 2 05/2012 John Irving 199162264 Indochine Study No. 1 05/2012 John Irving 199162265 A.K. 01/2010 John Irving 199162268 Celtic Messiah 08/2014 John Irving 199163074 Walter 08/2008 199305990 Grace Amazed Christiana Kolle 1993 - 1997 199147706 Liberation Christiana Kolle 1994 199147710 Flowerwild Christiana Kolle 2003 - 2006 199147707 Flowerwild 2 Christiana Kolle 2005 199147708 Love is a like a tiger on a chain Christiana Kolle 2014 199147703 jaguar on a leash Christiana Kolle 2015 199147704 Cloud nine Christiana Kolle 2014 199147709 Siberian (Renes Tiger) Christiana Kolle 2005 199147711 Vegas Night Out Oil on Canvas 16"x20" We catch the beautiful view from Paris hotel tower effel. 199343330 Orange Season Oil on Panel 11"x14" We visit Nice, France in orange season. Trees at the street has lots of orange and lemon and I feel whole town was reflected orange color. 199343331 Darkness Subsides 203288790 Going Back to Home Oil on Panel 11" x 14" When we visit Santorini Greece, we met old lady who just came back from shopping. Road was steep and narrow and no access for the car. We were going up to the top of the hill where is histric church. It was in hot summer day. 199343332 Nice Carnival Oil on Panel 16" x 20" 199343495 Kabob Chef Oil on Panel 16" x 20" 199343496 Sleeping Cat Oil on Canvas 16" x 20" 199343497 Island Yellow Oil on Canvas 24" x 30" 199343374 Native Mexican Dancing Oil on Canvas 24" x 30" 199343375 Table Game Oil on Canvas 24" x 36" 199343376 Father of the Bride Oil on Canvas 16" x 20" 199343392 The Camera Man Oil on Canvas 16" x 20" 199343393 Cafe Santorini Oil on Canvas 16" x 20" 199343411 Tahoe Shoreline 199355551 Tahoe Tumble 199355552 The Ancient Fig Tree 199355553 A Post Tech Dream Daniel Miller 199355554 The Canyon Witch Daniel Miller 199355555 The Place to Be 199355556 Blossoms 199355557 Southwestern Daisies 199355558 Lizard Mummy 199355559 Drumtochty Castle Scotland 2013 199444476 Poet and Barney 2000 199444477 Heaven's Gate 2015 199444478 Isle od Skye Scotland 199444479 Mama's backyard 2013 199444480 Boys in New Orleans 2000 199444481 Wishing Branch 2014 199444482 Looking through the iron 2013 199444483 Dart 2015 199444484 Beach beauty 2004 199444485 Oscar 2015 199444486 The Animal's Tree Raccoons and Birds love to create their homes in this Wisconsin lakeside tree 199518890 Big Sister's Ballet Shoes From a children's story that I am writing about a little girl who wants to be like her big sister, and dance 199518891 Claudia A self portrait ! 199519033 Friends 199523486 Magpie This is the first Bird I ever painted 199523491 Champfire This image depicts the nations that built America by transporting cattle to the west after the Civil War. 199604831 Branding Time After rounding up cattle on the open range it was a time for the owners to put their name on the cattle. 199604832 Watching over Cattle This images show a cowboy watching over the cattle to protect them from any harm during the night. 199604833 Fly Fishing in Estes Park Beautiful Estes Park, Colorado, the title says it all! 199637344 Orchid Smiling - May 5, 2015 Found this awesome little flower at one of the local Super Market Flower Centers and had to capture it. 201042295 Rose Dancer A painting for my mother who loved to dance. Now she's dancing with the Angels! 199637345 Some Day I'm Gonna Hit the Ball Grandkids can inspire a lot of paintings! 199637346 Valley of Fire Vista Who can't come away from the Valley of Fire State Park, Nevada without painting something! 199637347 Colorado Mountain Sheep Captured this moment on September 17, 2015 while driving around in the wilderness with friends near Grand Junction, CO. 201042296 Spirit Deer of Autumn This is the upper part of a Statue that can be found on Main Street in Grand Junction, CO. The Eyes were so captivating in the Statue that I had to put this Digital Art piece up on my Art site at 201042638 Belissimo 201492838 L'Esprit 201492839 Vauvenargues 201492840 Jardin 201492848 Faiblesses et Caprices 201492849 Studio 25 201493598 Soudain 201492860 Baiser 201724134 Chickens 24"x 18" Oil on Board Panel 201768752 At Sunset Park 18"x 14" Oil on Canvas Panel 201768753 Red Rock_01 13"x 10" Oil on Canvas Panel 201769344